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XF Android huge ammount of "Assembly Loader probing location

Since the newest Xamarin Forms Versions i noticed a huge ammount of the Mono trying to probe for a resources.exe / resources.dll if i Push a new Page on the Navigation Stack.

This seems to hit my performance really bad, so i want to resolve this. Unfortunaly Google didnt lead to a Solution.

Did anyone here face this problem before and may have a solution for this?

(In There is my Debug output for 1 Run)


  • LeonLuLeonLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Your log is Assembly Loader probing location, not the Could not load assembly "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", I think you can ignore it.

    If you still have some concern about this log, you can delete your bin and obj files in all of your project folders. If you still have this log, you could remove all nuget packages and install it.

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