SMS User Consent API

Google Play services has two APIs you can use to streamline the SMS-based verification process: the SMS Retriever API and the SMS User Consent API.

The SMS Retriever API provides a fully automated user experience and should be used when possible. It does, however, require you to place a custom hash code in the message body, and this may be difficult to do if you're not the sender of that message.

The first one (SMS Retriver API) has a lot of examples and implementations. But not the other one (SMS User Consent API).

I searched around and not found anything connected with Xamarin. SmsRetrieverClient object has no properties or methods listed in google documentation.

I don't believe, that in middle 2019 there is no way to get access to SMS for processing OTP code without
1) without any hashes in sms body
2) without requesting SMS_READ permission for whole app

Can anyone enlighten me about the above (SMS User Consent API and Xamarin) and help me find a solution, please?

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