Signing Identity and provisioning profiles are not visible in visual studio 2019 or 2017

I have been struggling to publish my second xamarin forms application on App store for 5 days, and It should be published 3 days ago.

The current situation is:

  • I have one development certificate and one distribution certificate
  • I have two App Identities ( App1 & App2)
  • I have four (4) provisioning profiles ( 1 dev and 1 dist for each app )

Before, I had only one application registered on the apple portal and I can see the singing identities and its profiles, but when I added the new application and added its new provisioning profiles to Xcode, They are not available on visual studio, so I removed all old certificates (development and distribution) and all provisioning profiles from Apple developer portal and from Xcode (~/Library/MobileDevices/) for each application, and cleared everything and started from scratch, and did it all again but no hope, neither the first app or the second one.

Any help please!

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