Android App can't be installed/updated for some users

Our company is developing Android app in Xamarin.Forms (3.5.0) framework. Since now all users were able to update application from Google Play store without problems. After new update some of them got Google Play error "Can't install app" without error code. This problem occurs only for some users (about 80% users already updated to newest version). They already tried deleting Google Play cache and other solutions to this problem. We did not change any of min and target SDK. We added/changed:

  • Support for 64 bit devices (added arm64-v8a in Xamarin build settings so now APK containts lib/armeabi-v7a and new folder lib/arm64-v8a)
  • added networkSecurityConfig to support our self signed SSL certificate
  • launchMode set to singleTask
  • add providers and
  • add receiver with permission android.permission.INSTALL_PACKAGES
  • add services and with permission android.permission.BIND_JOB_SERVICE

I don't think the problem is in our application package or in changes we made. For instance one user has this problem with Samsung Note 9 but statistics in Google Play console indicates that updates for this device from version 1.0.1 to version 1.1.1 were successful in 118 devices. The same is with other devices. Like 99% devices are updated successfully but some of them install or update fails.

Can you provide some help and solutions to this problem? We can't even reproduce this error in our devices, because every update or delete & install procedure works without problems. It works on 32 bit devices, it works on 64 bit devices, it works on devices and Android OS versions that users have problems with. We don't get any of error messages or logs becuase error is in Google Play. We get many of 1 star reviews, want to help our users but we just can't...


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