Not able to launch IOS app from Xamarin UI Test project.

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I have Xamarin UI Test project which was running with following configuration -

XCode 10.1
VS for Mac version 8.1.5 (build 9)

NUnit 2.6.4
NUnitTestAdapter 2.1.1
Xamarin.UITest 2.2.7

Now i Upgraded my XCode from 10.1 to 10.2.
Then when i tried to run Project it was throwing error : Unable to Determine Simulator version for "####". To resolve this i upgraded my** Xamarin.UItest package from 2.2.7 to 3.0.3.**

Now my Application is not launching. it is showing error : SetUp : System.Exception : Error while performing WaitFor([unknown], "Timed out waiting...", 00:00:15, null, null)
----> System.TimeoutException : Timed out waiting...

In Application Output pad it is showing :

Full log file: /var/folders/nw/5tdwsgms0732sx352j3v2wg00000gn/T/uitest/log-2019-08-13_11-28-25-381.txt
iOS test running Xamarin.UITest version: 3.0.3
Attempting IDE connection through pipe 73537c4044be44529ac34b86d63cf932.
Skipped IDE integration, connection failed.

1 - Launching simulator if not already running

1 - InstallApp:
    pathToBundle: /Users/apple/xamarinTest/
    deviceId: 8BA41341-D780-4D02-81C7-AC3522E60669

2 - LaunchTestAsync:
    deviceId: 8BA41341-D780-4D02-81C7-AC3522E60669

2 - Launching simulator if not already running

Test server version: 0.21.8

How to resolve it.
Please Help, Thanks in advance.

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