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QueryAsRecord for Token or SmartCard

martin_scholzmartin_scholz Member ✭✭
edited August 2019 in Xamarin.Mac

Is it possible to search certificates stored on a token (YubiKey,...) or a Smart Card? Like described in the CryptoToken API you only have to add the TokenID to the query. Problem is that in the Xamarin iOS SDK for SecRecord you have a property TokenID but unfortunately not in the Xamarin.Mac SDK.



  • martin_scholzmartin_scholz Member ✭✭

    I temporary fixed this with creating my own class until it's officially in the SDK

    public class MySecRecord : SecRecord
            public MySecRecord(SecKind secKind) : base(secKind)
            public String TokenID

    Instead of public SecTokenID TokenID i make it a String.

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