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Usb.Net, and Hid.Net Version 3 Beta

Device.Net is a cross platform framework for communicating with connected devices. It works in a uniform way between Hid, and USB on Android, UWP, and .NET. All libraries implement a common async-await based interface that allow for dependency injection. There is quite extensive documentation available in the wiki.

The original libraries started their life as projects inside a simple app and later became useful in their own right. Over time, uniform utilities have been developed to the point where most of the kit needed for communicating with connected devices can be found in the box. Version 3 Beta 2 was recently released, and the lack of recent bug reports suggest that it has become fairly stable, so this will be moved in to a full release soon.

If you're building an app that needs to talk to Hid, or USB devices, I strongly recommend having a look at this framework. PRs and issue reports are also welcome. I will update on this forum when the framework is in full release.

Quick start:
Bleeding Edge Branch: (This is more up to date than the beta release NuGet)

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