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Hi All,

I am new to creating Android apps. And thought I would come here to learn to create some basic stuff. As you r the experts, I woondered if you could spare a few mins. I want to create an app that will allow me to enter multiline text plus images within a text field, is this possible? if so what is the best control to use?



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  • apdev4mapdev4m CZMember ✭✭

    One important thing (In case you did everything right and you still dont see the emoticons in text)... The Icons should be already loaded into memory ( = was already displayed anywhere)

    Story: I made everything as said and the emoticons wasnt displayed. Then after i created view where you pick emoticon to edittext - the images suddenly appeared. So i created the view with visibility set as gone and the images wasnt in the views until i push the button to show view with smileys to choose.

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