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May 13: Sydney : Google Glass & Other Wearables, plus Cross Platform Visual State Management

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Date: May 13th NEW DATE - this group has now moved to the second Tuesday of the month

Location: Station Hotel, North Sydney



Nick Randolph of Built to Roam kindly postponed his talk on Cross Platform Visual State Management last month to make space tor Craig Dunn's presentation:

Cross Platform Visual State Management

Blend for Visual Studio makes it easy to define visual states for Windows platform applications. In this session you’ll learn the basics of declaring and using visual states in XAML based applications. You’ll see that you can do visual state management within your view model, making it possible to reuse the same logic across multiple platforms using Xamarin.

Lewis Benge, Microsoft MVP

Google Glass & Other Wearables

This promises to be a very interesting session!

See you there.

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