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Opensource Obfuscar software for xamarin

AlenTomaAlenToma USMember ✭✭

What i want is an open source Obfuscar software like the title says.

Something like Phoenix Protector would be very good

The problem with Phoenix Protector is that its not really working with xamarin and android.

Dotfuscator is the best i found until now that work with xamarin, but the free version lack the command line and i want to use it via command line so i could build a UserTask with visual studio 2019

Is there a free opensource that work with xamarin android, and also able to obscrate via command line?

Im a free user and i really dont want to buy a license, so please tell me your opinion.

This is an example of how i used Phoenix Protector and the dll get obscrate but the app crash

  var args = $"-p \"{settingsPath}\" \"{dllDirNew}\" {(StayOpen ? "/K" : "")}";

            var process = new Process
                StartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo()
                    Arguments = args,
                    FileName = name,// Phoenix Protector
                    WorkingDirectory = applicationPath, // Phoenix Protector directory
                    WindowStyle = Hidden ? ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden : ProcessWindowStyle.Normal

I also used Skater .NET Obfuscator but its not really as good as Phoenix Protector and also i cant use Progaurd which i really would need to.

The program need to be

1- Able to hide or encrypt all `strings` this is a very importend requirement for me.

2- support a command line.

3- only generate a single dll


  • GrahamMcKechnieGrahamMcKechnie AUMember ✭✭✭

    I'd recommend Babel. It is not open source, but only a modest fee for a very good product, which also has great support. I've been using it since early 2016.

  • batmacibatmaci DEMember ✭✭✭✭✭
    What for you need it ? Proguard or r8 does it mostly. You can also use bundle into native assemblies option. So you are good to go.
  • GrahamMcKechnieGrahamMcKechnie AUMember ✭✭✭

    Proguard doesn't obfuscate .Net code (the majority of your code in any Xamarin app and plainly visible inside the assemblies folder of an apk). Proguard with Xamarin doesn't even obfuscate java code.

    Add the following at the top of your proguard.cfg file and then note the output after r8 runs in your config_your_project_name.txt.

    -printconfiguration config_your_project_name.txt
    -printseeds seeds.txt
    -printusage usage.txt

    # This is Xamarin-specific (and enhanced) configuration.

    Proguard only shrinks Java code when used with Xamarin.

    <BundleAssemblies>true</BundleAssemblies> is a good option because it removes the .net dlls from the assemblies folder, but I don't believe the code inside the .so files is obfuscated, so you still need to obfuscate.

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