Is it Possible to view Installed apps on device in any xaml page in Xamarin forms.

AwaneeshAwaneesh Member ✭✭

Hi ,

I have one query. is it possible to view or select installed apps on device in Xaml page.

My requirement is I want spread some text to social apps like Facebook or Instagram through content View. so but when will open content view then default apps should appears on page.

is it possible to make it this functionality.

Please suggest me.


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  • AwaneeshAwaneesh Member ✭✭

    yes @jezh and how to achieve this functionality in Xamarin forms .

    is it possible to make it?

  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
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    For non-obnoxious apk, we can decompile an Android App apk.
    But for confusing applications, it is very difficult to get resources or code by decompiling.

    For details:

    Besides, you can use ildasm to read .dll file.

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