Visual Studio 2019 Cross Platform Mobile Development

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For others trying to deploy an application to a real device:

While Xamarin.forms looks great for Android, iOS and UWP. All of this is not very useful if you can't actually run the applications you made on a Device.

After spending over 12 hours total (two days) trying to get a simple application to work on an actual device and NOT an emulator Im finally throwing in the towel.

It seems running a UWP app on either Windows 10 or a Windows 10 Mobile phone is impossible, no clear instructions and any info I do find that seems relevant is for windows 8 - 8.1 and is no longer a working method.

I do not have an iOS device yet to test on.

I do however have an Android phone but again I'm back down the same rabbit hole as UWP. No clear instructions or How To's develop an application and actually DEPLOY to a real device.

I can create apps in my Visual Studio environment all day long this does no one any good if the application can't be deployed and used.

If you guys have any relevant updated information on how I can achieve this please let me know. Maybe I'm over thinking this and its super simple? Or maybe what I fear is no one is actually doing this except the Silicon Valley companies that are paying $900/m for support licensing that give them the ability to sign an application. Please help I'm pulling my hair out.

If you made it this far thanks for your time and wish you guys luck on your own development adventures.


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    WHich sshould your problem with the android device?
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    @AlessandroCaliaro said:
    WHich sshould your problem with the android device?

    How do I deploy the application from Visual Studio 2019 to my Android Device?
    I need this written out in Crayon, I have no clue where to start.

    With UWP you can right click on the UWP Project -> Store -> Create App Package
    but again this is useless since you can't install the package on any device (with developer mode enabled)

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    @AlessandroCaliaro said:


    a pencil or stick of colored chalk or wax, used for drawing.
    "a red crayon"
    draw with a crayon or crayons.
    "Jeff crayoned a picture on a legal pad"_

    I'm looking for a step by step tutorial or instructions to deploy an application on Either a Windows 10 Desktop/Mobile device OR Android Mobile Device.

    When I try to find this information by googling, forums or other means all I get is outdated information with methods that no longer work or Microsoft documentation which is mainly all fluff and no clear instruction on how to complete this task.

    This is what I mean by written in crayon , I need instructions that you would give to a child because I don't understand pages of documentation that have no relevance to actually deploying an application on a real device.

    If you are being sarcastic then I understand, but you need to understand this very important step (deploying to a real device) should be readily available and accessible, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this.

    I've been through numerous forums, discords, slacks etc asking this same question and no one seems to understand or just does not reply.

    I can use the android development studio, and macs also to achieve what I need to do. I prefer to use Visual Studio with Xamarin because I'm a .NET developer so its familiar and I love C#.

    I'm on Windows 10 using Visual Studio 2019 I have created a cross platform Mobile application C#/Xamarin.Forms, I have tested the application both on the UWP/Android Emulators and it works fine.

    I have Developer mode enabled for both the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices. When I try to install the app on the win10 desktop I get this error:
    Ask the app developer for a new app package. This one isn't signed with a trusted certificate (0x800B0100)

    Upon googling and researching the problem I still have not found a fix.
    Upon googling and researching how to sign the package I still have not found any clear instructions.

    I don't believe this error is due to an incorrect install or any corrupting. This is literally an entire step completely left out. Which leads to my next conclusion... No one is actually deploying anything to real devices unless they have paid money to release software to the windows store etc.

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    What happens if you connect an android device via usb to your pc and open visual studio? Do you see it on the top of your ide?
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    @AlessandroCaliaro said:
    What happens if you connect an android device via usb to your pc and open visual studio? Do you see it on the top of your ide?

    I will need to wait until I get home to test the android device again.
    Now I'm running into another problem...
    I cannot access the ARP Tables for android devices using the Android Emulator.
    Process.Start() only seems to work for Windows devices.

    I see examples in Java on how to get MAC Addresses by IP for Android but none of this will apply for .NET unfortunately.

    I'm moving closer and closer to the idea of just developing the application in each mobile devices official development studio.

    This cross platform Xamarin stuff seems like an awesome idea almost to good to be true but when it comes down to real devices and applications with real functions it just can't get the job done.

    Creating labels, storing xml files and showing DateTime seems to be the only functionality atm.

    I will continue to hack away at this but my patience is wearing thin.

    Maybe the $900/month support fee with microshit includes building my application for me what do you guys think?

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    Don't know much about Xamarin.Forms on UWP, since for me UWP on mobile devices is pretty much dead, but did you setup your android device for development like in the documentation?

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    @DirkWilhelm said:
    Don't know much about Xamarin.Forms on UWP, since for me UWP on mobile devices is pretty much dead, but did you setup your android device for development like in the documentation?

    I got the android side working last night, except using ARP with .net core on Android devices.
    But regardless Visual Studio picked up the Android phone right away, I was able to deploy and everything.
    I'm going to ignore UWP and Windows Mobile devices as no need for them anyways.

    My next step is to see how far I can push .net core to do more than Labels and other form elements.

    Here is an odd question: can we use native Java along with our .net core? I really need access to the androids hardware, I'm afraid .net can only access hardware on the windows platform (which Xamarin does not seem to popular) go figure lol.

    I must say... After messing around with Xamarin and .net core in 2015 its come along way.

    EDIT: Oh looks like I stumbled on some samples of controlling Android Hardware
    (For anyone who may be having troubles or doubt the capability of .net core)

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