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App Architect - TCP Service with BroadcastReceiver

I'm design an app and would like to get advice on the best way to Architect the app.

I have a BroadcastReceiver for volume changes, I then need to send the updated volume over a TCP connection to a TCP Server.

I have no need for an Activity, I don't need a user interface. The app will need to Run full time.

There are a few way to have the up work... what is best?

  • Have the service start on a BootComplete BroadcastReceiver, and also on the opening of the Blank/empty Activity?
  • Have a separate BroadcastReceiver talk to a separate service?
  • Have the BroadcastReceiver registered in the Service (OnCreate)?
  • If I register the BroadcastReceiver in the service I can pass as instance to communicate back to the service, is there a better way to communicate with the Service from inside the OnReceive method?
  • Would I use a Service or IntentService?
  • Is there a better way to monitor volume changes and then send a TCP packet?
  • Another way to Architect the app?
    Thanks for the help, I know C# well but new to Android.
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