Off topic - Xamarin website on Firefox: sign in or register not possible

P5musicP5music Member ✭✭

I think this could be the right forum to inform the Xamarin people about some malfunctioning of the website/forum on Firefox browser.
I could not register so I had to install Chrome, and I was successful. Now I can sign in only with Chrome.
I hope this is useful. I did not tested the other browsers.
Furthermore I got some server errors also when posting in Chrome on this forums: submitting the question the first time does nothing, then I save draft but it can give an error, and so on.


  • nicktheonenicktheone Member ✭✭

    Same exact issue over here. I'm completely unable to sign in and before that I was unable to post anything.

  • IsThisAJokeIsThisAJoke Member ✭✭

    The establishment does not have access to control FireFox atm. Lots of big platforms are blocking it. Get use to it.

  • P5musicP5music Member ✭✭

    Yesterday I was even unable to login with Chrome.
    Today I am on Ubuntu live-distro and I can login with pre-installed Firefox.

  • P5musicP5music Member ✭✭
    edited August 2019
    Now I cannot login even in Chrome (Win 8.1).
    Login in Android Chrome ok
  • HenrikEricsonHenrikEricson USMember ✭✭

    Still the same issue! Shame!

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