3rd party app login, Disqus, in a webview.

ch0rnch0rn Member

Is there a way to make Disqus comments work within a webview? Currently using a Hybridwebview for my project which will load a page. In that page, there is a button the user can click which then slides open a panel containing comments. However, if the user tries to login, it stops working, it will take me to a page to enter my credentials. But it never actually logs in, or passes the credentials back to the app/webview.

I am a app beginner, this is my first xamarin project, been at it for a few weeks to get this far. I thought I was about to be finished with my first app, just pop the comments on and done. But , latest stumbling block.

Typically in a web browser, the login would open in a new modal/popup, then when you click Login, it disappears and the page reloads with your username.

Is using a plugin like Disqus possible in a webview (HybridWebView).

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