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ListView Caching Strategy : Element change in my Viewcell is duplicated

Hi everyone,
I have an issue with CachingStrategy in my Xamarin Forms app.
I have a list of Shops where I can subscribe to them with an IconButton. When I'm clicking, the color of my IconButton is changing to another. The problem here is that changing my color to just one cell just duplicated to others cells I have in my list (every 9 cells), there are also some others elements duplicated in the list like the image and icon of shops. My list source has more than 80 items shops and i'm using the caching strategy RecycleElement. The thing is if I put a RetainElement instead of RecycleElement in my ListView the issue is gone and the color is not duplicate in another cell but I still need RecycleElement in my app.

Anyone has already encounter this issue ?

Thanks a lot !

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