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Scrolling not smooth with ScrollView control in IOS mobile devices

I have been using SkiaSharp for a few maonth now and having great success on showing my drawing instructions on Android & IOS device. I am using SKCanvasView control which I am placing it inside ScrollView control. On scroll of ScrollView translating SKCanvasView to ScrollTop and ScrollLeft position so that SKCanvasView should intact with Visible region of ScrollView Control.

This is all working smoothly in Android. But in IOS device, scrolling is not smooth. Scrolling is holding by UI thread and it si not smooth. PLease have a look at the code and please suggest if you have any suggestions.

    private void View_PaintSurface(object sender, SKPaintSurfaceEventArgs e)
        SKRect rect = paginatedViewProvider.GetViewPortRect();

        // I have lots of image tiles which I am drawing on skbitmap and returning it. This is taking around 10ms
        SKBitmap pageBitmap = GenerateSKBitmapFromIntenseCalculation();

        float Top = (float)(rect.Top - scrollTop);
        float Left = (float)(rect.Left - scrollLeft);

        e.Surface.Canvas.DrawBitmap(pageBitmap, SKRect.Create(Left, Top, rect.Width, rect.Height));

    private bool OnTimerTick()
        return true;
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