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How to debug network related Xamarin.Forms Image loading errors?

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I have a Xamarin.Forms app acting as API client and accessing images loaded from the network, some or all of these images are on CloudFlare (CDN?).

I am using the defauilt ImageView with

Depending on the network the mobile client is located in, the images are not loaded (I have problems on UPC home broadband with WiFi). Other networks are fine and the images are loaded.
2. Now how can I debug Image loading?
3. How can I tap into the network stack of Image and read server responses?
4. Are there any tool for it?

I havent yet switched to FFImage Loading because last time I played with it and used it purely from XAML, I got HTTP Header Timeout Exception (sor something similar, cant remember for 100%) so I am a bit vary of FFImageLoading. I would perefer it to swallow exceptions when using it from XAML...

Thanks for the advices in advance folks!

Images are embedded in this fashion (obviously I am still playing with the layout):

<Image InputTransparent="True" Aspect="AspectFit" VerticalOptions="FillAndExpand" HorizontalOptions="Start" HeightRequest="75" WidthRequest="50"> <Image.Source> <UriImageSource Uri="{Binding ImgSmSrc}" CacheValidity="0" CachingEnabled="False" /> </Image.Source> </Image> And: <Image> <Image.Source> <UriImageSource Uri="{Binding ImgSmSrc}" CacheValidity="0" CachingEnabled="False" /> </Image.Source> </Image> And: <ImageButton HorizontalOptions="FillAndExpand" Aspect="AspectFill" HeightRequest="250" Command="{Binding ImageStepCommand}"> <ImageButton.Source> <UriImageSource Uri="{Binding Path=Movie.GalleryDisplayImage}" CacheValidity="0" CachingEnabled="False" /> </ImageButton.Source> </ImageButton>



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    I requested a switchback from IPv6 to IPv4 at my cable provider. After the settings went live my mobile client now can also access the pictures on Cloudflare. At least I can get on with the development.

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