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Can not debug to device - adb shell getprop fails

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Hello everybody,

I set up a week ago a virtual machine for developing with Xamarin. I am trying to connect to my physical android device, but I am failing. The device does not shows up to the device list in visual studio.
I can connect to the device via adb etc., but when I run "adb shell getprop", adb can not finish the task. There comes no output.
In the Xamarin DIsgnostic Visual Studio also runs this command. I think, thats the cause why it does not shows up in the device list, because the command fails.

Can anyone help me?

Additional Information:
I connect via an virtual network to my device.
Communication works.
Also: When I add grep to the command "adb shell getprop", it works. Example:
adb shell getprop | grep adb (works with anything else than "adb")

Ps. sorry for my bad english

(I dont know why there are two post now...)


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