Geolocation.GetLastKnownLocationAsync() makes the app to crash

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I need to get device location in Xamarin.Forms application or iOS.

I have added 'Location When In Use Usage Description' key in info.plist, and in shared project, I am calling this:

await Geolocation.GetLastKnownLocationAsync();

That instruction makes the app to crash. This is in the log:


Native Crash Reporting

Got a SIGABRT while executing native code. This usually indicates
a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries

used by your application.


Basic Fault Adddress Reporting

Memory around native instruction pointer (0x1bfd920dc):0x1bfd920cc fd 7b c1 a8 c0 03 5f d6 10 29 80 d2 01 10 00 d4 .{......)......
0x1bfd920dc c3 00 00 54 fd 7b bf a9 fd 03 00 91 55 d6 ff 97 ...T.{......U...
0x1bfd920ec bf 03 00 91 fd 7b c1 a8 c0 03 5f d6 90 29 80 d2 .....{....
0x1bfd920fc 01 10 00 d4 c3 00 00 54 fd 7b bf a9 fd 03 00 91 .......T.{......


The shared code works perfectly in Android.

What is it going on?

As a final fact. That call is made in the event that is called when a QR code was read.




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    It works fine on my side. Can you provide your sample?
    Have you tested await Geolocation.GetLocationAsync();? Did it work?
    Have you seen the authorization window?

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