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Register push notification tags to Azure doesn't seem to work properly

dai15002dai15002 Member ✭✭✭

Hello. In my xamarin.forms app I am registering for remote notifications in both android and ios. The problem is that I believe I am registering the tags in a wrong way, because if I log into Microsoft Azure to test send a notification to that tag then the tag is not identified by Azure.

The registeration for Android in my code:
public async Task RegisterAsync()

        const string templateBody = "{\"data\":{\"message\":\"$(message)\"}}";

        string token = TokenHelper.MyToken;

        JArray tags = new JArray();
        tags = new JArray { "myTag1" };

        JObject templates = new JObject();
        templates["genericMessage"] = new JObject
                     {"body", templateBody},
                     { "tags", tags}

        await App.Client.GetPush().RegisterAsync(token, templates);


In Azure when I try to send a notification to the user registering with the tag myTag1:

However when I remove the tag string in Azure then the message is received fine in app and Azure notifies in the result list that the message has been sent.

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