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AWS and Xamarin

S_Olias_SS_Olias_S DEMember ✭✭

I´m thinking about adding AWS to my Application.
I already added Cognitio to the App, but i had some problemes because of the horrendous state of AWS Dokumentation with Xamarin.
On the one side there is nearly no interesting information and examples and a lot of linking in circles and on the other side it is for V2 and not the current Version V3.
That was not what i was expecting from the "leader" in Cloud Plattforms.
I was also baffled by the download counts of the Nuget Package of AWS Cognitio which dropped down to two decimal points in the last year for some releases.

Because of this i'm a little sceptical now with going forward integrating AWS.

It would be awsome if someone who had used or is currently using AWS could share some information about his/her experience using AWS with Xamarin.


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