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UWP and Windows App Certification Kit issue

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Hi all,

I am developing a Xamarin.Forms application, .Net Standard 2.0. (visual studio professional 2017, 15.9.12) And the app builds and run correctly in all platforms (Android, iOS and UWP) in debug or release mode.

The problem appears when i want to create an UWP App Package; The App builds correctly, the app package is created without problems, i can see the appxbundle, certificate, dependencies folder , etc. But when the Windows App Certification Kit ends, i get an "not approved" result and if i try to run the appxbundle in the computer, it installs itself and launches, but its automatically closed at the beggining. This does not happen in Android, i can create apks and use it in any android device.

The steps that i follow to create the App package are:

Right click on the UWP project > Store > Create App Packages > sideloading > with this configuration:

And then the Windows app certification kit starts and fails. The validation results are the following (sorry for the spanish language), it fails in:

"Launch of the platform version", "Start of application" and "Locks and errors for which Windows stops responding"

I'm sorry i cannot share any code, but maybe someone has dealt with something similar and can help me.

Thanks a lot,

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