How to get context of ActivityCompat.RequestPermissions

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In my Xamarin.Form I call a function inside MainActivity to grant permission for WRITE_CALENDAR. However I need to get the right context to be passed in ActivityCompat.RequestPermissions funtion. My solution:

 public bool GrantPermission()

        if (hasPermission)
            // We have permission
            return true;
            int RC_REQUEST_PERMISSION = 1000;
            string[] REQUIRED_PERMISSIONS = { Android.Manifest.Permission.WriteCalendar };

            // USING this WILL CRASH
            ActivityCompat.RequestPermissions(this, REQUIRED_PERMISSIONS, RC_REQUEST_PERMISSION);


        return false;


How can I get an working activity context to send inside ActivityCompat.RequestPermissions?


  • dai15002dai15002 Member ✭✭✭

    fixed by changing this to CrossCurrentActivity.Current.Activity

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