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iBeacons for Android


I have downloaded and installed the latest version of iBeacons for Android (v1.2) and have installed the find the monkey app and built it. Out of interest, I have a commercial beacon on loan from a friend and have added in some break points to see what information I can get out of it.

The only issue is that neither my S3 or my Z1 are picking up the beacon despite sitting on it (well, it's right next to the phone, so it's as good as).

I've tested the beacon with RadiusNetworks app available on google play and that picks up the beacon straight away.

I have altered the RangingBeaconsInRegion code to this

void RangingBeaconsInRegion(object sender, RangeEventArgs e)
            Console.WriteLine("Number of beacons : {0}", e.Beacons.Count);
            var b = e.Beacons.FirstOrDefault();
            if (b != null)
                Console.WriteLine("Proximity = {0}, ProximityUUID = {1}, Accuracy = {2}", b.Proximity, b.ProximityUuid, b.Accuracy);
            if (e.Beacons.Count > 0)
                var beacon = e.Beacons.FirstOrDefault();
                Console.WriteLine("e.Beacons {0}", e.Beacons);
                var message = string.Empty;

                switch ((ProximityType)beacon.Proximity)
                    case ProximityType.Immediate:
                        UpdateDisplay("You found the monkey!", Color.Green);
                    case ProximityType.Near:
                        UpdateDisplay("You're getting warmer", Color.Yellow);
                    case ProximityType.Far:
                        UpdateDisplay("You're freezing cold", Color.Blue);
                    case ProximityType.Unknown:
                        UpdateDisplay("I'm not sure how close you are to the monkey", Color.Red);

                _previousProximity = beacon.Proximity;

But all I'm getting is

Number of beacons : 0

I've left the UUID and monkeyId alone.

Any ideas on this?


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