App login credentials for Google Play monkey test

veringmveringm Member

I'm using Xamarin Forms 4 (newest as of today).

Upon uploading an artifact to Google Play, it automatically runs a "monkey" test on the artifact. If one provides "Login information", the monkey can also login and make some more test. The automated test can also extended with a Robo-script or even a setup of Firebase, but that is not relevant for me right now. What would be wonderfull, would be to provide the login information. My problem is, that I cannot find a way to provide the ressourcenames of the following elements:

  1. Username field
  2. Password field
  3. Login button

Because I have some minor usability warnings, I could actually see the id (I think?) of the Username field, and the Password field (Google Play displays this information together with the warning explanation)

Username: android:id​/content​/RelativeLayout[0]​/PlatformRenderer[0]​/NavigationPageRenderer[0]​/PageContainer[0]​/PageRenderer[0]​/WhiteLineEntryRenderer[6]​/FormsEditText[0]

Password: android:id​/content​/RelativeLayout[0]​/PlatformRenderer[0]​/NavigationPageRenderer[0]​/PageContainer[0]​/PageRenderer[0]​/WhiteLineEntryRenderer[8]​/FormsEditText[0]

However, these are far to long to be entered in the login information (the HTML-field seems to have a maxlenght shorter then this).

I've tried setting the "AutomationId" on the element (Entry and Button) in Xamarin.Forms, but does not seem to help?

Have anyone found a way to do this?

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