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Cannot activate Xamarin on mac or PC

cheynecheyne USMember

I'm having trouble activating Xamarin.iOS on my mac and PC. I'm logged into my Xamarin account (I have a dev seat on a business account) on Xamarin Studio on my Mac and Xamarin Studio (and VS) on my PC, but those computers refuse to show up in my account computer lists (which is empty). Presumably, because they are not in this list I am unable to use features as I get prompted to 'Please activate Xamarin.iOS'. I've created a fresh account, uninstalled Xamarin software on both machines, and reinstalled the package from my account downloads to no avail. The install instructions imply that being logged in to Xamarin Studio is sufficient to activate and link Xamarin.iOS to my machine, but I may be wrong? I think it is interesting that this is happening on both machines - perhaps there is a network configuration involved? I was having the same issue with Xamarin.Android but didn't get as deep into it - I assume it is the same root cause. Thanks!


  • brajkovicbrajkovic USXamarin Team, University Xamurai


    Which account are you trying to activate that you think you have a dev seat on a business account? I'm not able to find any licenses assigned to the account associated with your forums profile.

    Thanks, Bojan

  • cheynecheyne USMember

    This account I am posting from. I have access to the business plan account holder account and can see the account name and e-mail associated with this account listed as a Xamarin.iOS business plan seat. I've run into the same issue logging in to Xamarin Studio with the business plan account holder account, and with a previous account I had - this account is brand new for sanity's sake.

  • brajkovicbrajkovic USXamarin Team, University Xamurai

    Can you give me the details for the account that actually owns the licenses? Looking up the account that you are posting from, I don't see any licenses associated with it.


  • cheynecheyne USMember

    Bojan, I've messaged you the account info you are asking for.

    After leaving this for a couple of days I came back to my mac and signed in to Xamarin studio, and for whatever reason it worked and that mac is now listed in my Xamarin.iOS computer list. However, I am still unable to add my PC - despite being signed in to Xamarin Studio, Xamarin.iOS is not activated and the PC will not show up in the computer list.

    Thanks for the help.

  • cheynecheyne USMember

    OK, well I dug around and was able to activate Xamarin.iOS by creating a new ios app in VS. I had tried this earlier to no avail but for whatever reason it worked tonight. So I'm good here.

  • brajkovicbrajkovic USXamarin Team, University Xamurai

    Hi Cheyne,

    Hmm, very strange. I'm not sure what was happening, as everything looks to be in order on the
    account info you sent me. Glad to hear you're able to activate now.

    Best, Bojan

  • EddyCornetEddyCornet BEMember

    I have the same problem. No luck in activating Xamarin till now. The generated Entitlements file in the MonoTouch/MonoAndroid lib always defaults to Starter (I have Business)

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