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How to use OAuth2 in Xamarin With Embedded Username And Password

I have a client that likes the features of OpenDrive.
They like it so much that they want their mobile application to use it as the shared data store for the 100 or so mobile users.
In their vision, there will be a single OpenDrive account called "OurAppsOpenDriveAccount" that the users' mobile app
will access.

Using Oauth2, we currently have it working successfully where the user can do their uploads, but only after hand typing the username "OurAppsOpenDriveAccount" and password "OurSecretPassword" into the login screen. This can get tiresome over the use of the application, and for security reasons it is not desired to give each user the username and password of the Opendrive system anyway. It is desired that all of the authentication and authorization is done behind the seams by the application without user interaction.

Is their some way to configure OAuth2 under Xamarin to bypass the user login screen and have the application itself provide the username and password?

Thank You So Much.

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