TriggerIt - a simple library for triggering events

I've created a simple library called TriggerIt. It is useful when you need trigger actions based on perviously logged events or time.

For example, you want to show "Send us feedback" alert after 4 interactions with an action button and 30 seconds in the app - this can be configured with TriggerIt:

TriggerIt.Xamarin.Forms.Service.Instance.RegisterTrigger(new MyFeedbackTrigger(), TriggerIt.Triggers.TriggerPlanning.If() .EventCountSinceUptimeIs("my_event_logged_on_action_button", 4) .UptimeIsAtLeast(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30)) .WithPeriodicity(TriggerIt.Triggers.TriggerPlanningPeriodicities.OnceSinceZeroUptime));

You can find more information at:

The library is still kind of a beta version but I'm using it in my Xamarin Forms app.

Feedback appreciated :)

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