Nuget package with netstandard2 base class and its implementations for ios+android

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So the following structure works, app is built and running on both ios and android but my is Base.dll duplicated in the package and its quite big:
Sorry for the format but this forum not really handling well xml tags..
.nuspec file without <, > :

file target="lib/monoandroid" src="Base.dll"/
file target="lib/monoandroid" src="....\Platform\Android\Impl.dll"/

file target="lib\monotouch" src="Base.dll"/
file target="lib\monotouch" src="..\..\Platform\iOS\Impl.dll"/


I tried using:
file target="lib\portable-net45+win+wp80+MonoAndroid10+MonoAndroid20+MonoTouch10+MonoTouch20+monotouch+monoandroid" src="Base.dll" /

Didnt help, cannot build project, it cannot find the Base.dll

I hope there is some nice solution for this, i can live with duplicated dlls but not nice.

Thanks for any comments :)

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