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Xamarin.Forms Infinite Scrolling Image Background Effect

I'm trying to make what I think will be a nice effect for an app - a series of images (think wallpaper) will be constantly scrolling in the background during a view. I started prototyping this in Xamarin.Forms, creating a custom control. Planned on a diagonal translation but started with the most basic approach and still ran into some issues fairly quickly, namely that it is not entirely smooth as it gets a bit choppy here and there (even when using caching and just a 10kb image) and 2) if user executes an action that's more involved it may cause a lag and the images get rendered more closely together than they should be. Is there a way to fix up this approach so that it's as smooth as possible and doesn't interfere (or get interfered with) the other UI elements, or is there a far superior approach for something like this - anyone ever tackle this?

I posted the question with the code here on SO:

Please let me know, thanks.

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