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July 9th 2019 - Johannesburg - Realtime Azure Sphere IoT & ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

AllanPeadAllanPead ZAInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭✭


  1. Let's create an Azure Sphere, Real-time Secure IoT Solution
    Speaker: Allan Pead

Get ready for the MCU IoT revolution

Azure Sphere is a solution for creating highly-secured, connected Microcontroller (MCU) devices, providing you with the confidence and the power to reimagine your business and create the future.

Let's firstly learn what Azure Sphere is and why it's a good thing for society.

Then let's have some demo fun and learn more with it in action within a mobile enabled real-time IoT solution.


Azure Sphere
Azure IoT Hubs
Asp .NET SignalR
Cosmos DB

  1. Introduction to Web Development: ASP.NET Core Razor Pages
    Speaker: Matthew Leibowitz

In this session we will have a look at creating a website and hosting it for free in Azure. It will be developed using ASP.NET Core using Razor Pages. There will be C# and .NET with a few lines of JavaScript here and there.

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