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blank MasterDetailPage or controled template with databinding

TrixoTrixo Member ✭✭

I wanted to render my navigation in App.xaml is because I have controled template there. I have a template for Navigation and other stuff and then I just render different pages inside .

It seems like I am not able to databind into App.xaml controled template. I wanted to transfer my controled template to the normal content page but thats not possible as It has to be in Application class.

So I decided to go with MasterDetailPage. Problem with this is that IT has this garbage functionality like drawer manu and so on. I dont want to. I cant have that in my app. Is there a possibility to completelety destroy this functionality and just create masterdetailpage from scratch(like controled template) without using all of that stuff that comes with it ?

This is exactly how my app has to look like.

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  • TrixoTrixo Member ✭✭

    @yelinzh Its quite messy but I ll try to figure it out. It basically passes properties from children(Contentpage) to the parent(ControledTemplate). Does it mean that I will have to define my navigation class in each children?

  • JarvanJarvan Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    No, just like data binding in page.xaml. Create the viewmodel and add binding in App.xaml.

  • TrixoTrixo Member ✭✭

    @yelinzh I am very confused, If i share the code here will you give me hand with it?

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