LLVM enabled breaks Android Platform.CreateRendererWithContext on Android PIE

chetszotchetszot PLMember ✭✭


I have created a xaml view that I have embedded in native Android Layout:

'var renderer = Platform.CreateRendererWithContext(_crossPlatformView, Context);
_nativeView = renderer.View;
_crossPlatformView.Layout(new Xamarin.Forms.Rectangle(0, 0, width, height));

It works perfectly on Debug build and Release build on Oreo (Galaxy J5) and Lollipop (Cyanogen OS on wooden no name dev phone). However, on my Galaxy S8 with Android Pie it doesn't work **only **when LLVM compiler is enabled. If I disable LLVM, everything works perfeclty. With LLVM enabled I see an empty Android container. No exceptions, no app crashes.

Has anyone experienced similar behavior? How to workaround it?
@DavidOrtinau isn't it a bug?

Many thanks for any tip

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