Issue with control visibility in uitableviewcell in iPadOS

NormandBarretteNormandBarrette USMember ✭✭

We have a control visibility problem in a uitableviewcell with the iPadOS.

We use Xamarin.ios

The cell contains a main view that has a negative X.

We capture a finger swipe with UiPanGestureRecognizer. We change the X of the main view of the tableviewCell according to the swipe of the finger.

The controls that were visible move with the view, the controls that were "hidden" (by the fact that the x was negative) move also but they are white or invisible, but their action is always possible, a click on an invisible button triggers the event.

Although we force the controls to refresh with a layoutifneeded, the controls remain invisible. (View, label, button)

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