View Model loads Every time in Bottom Navigation Bar

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I'm using MVVM cross for my xamarin cross platform app. Using Bottom navigation in my home page, the one issue which I'm facing is whenever I navigate between the tabs, the view model loads every time which makes the app to load each and every time I navigate between tabs. How to avoid the view models reloading each time. For navigation I am using the below code

await NavigationService.Navigate<MyViewModel>().ConfigureAwait(false);


  • JarvanJarvan Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
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    Trying to keep the page in memory is a huge pain and has many unexpected side effects, so it's best to recreate the page. Just like below:

    await Navigation.PushAsync(new Page());

    To avoid the problem, you can use code-behind to manually control this issue or register your pages with the container as a singleton.
    Refer to:

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