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Items from Sqlite DB to Picker

Moose6Moose6 Member ✭✭

What am I doing wrong...?

            string entrydb = Path.Combine(System.Environment.GetFolderPath(System.Environment.SpecialFolder.Personal), "Entry.db");
            var db = new SQLiteConnection(entrydb);

            var titles = db.Query<CreatedEntry>("SELECT Title FROM CreatedEntry");
            foreach (var s in titles)


  • AravindakumarAravindakumar Member ✭✭

    Hi @Moose6 ,

    What is the error you are receiving right now ?

    Sample code from documentation.

    var monkeyList = new List();
    monkeyList.Add("Capuchin Monkey");
    monkeyList.Add("Blue Monkey");
    monkeyList.Add("Squirrel Monkey");
    monkeyList.Add("Golden Lion Tamarin");
    monkeyList.Add("Howler Monkey");
    monkeyList.Add("Japanese Macaque");

    var picker = new Picker { Title = "Select a monkey", TitleColor = Color.Red };
    picker.ItemsSource = monkeyList;

    Try it. Thanks

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