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ListView shows empty cells after Upgrade to xamarin forms 4.0

XigmondXigmond USMember ✭✭✭

I was using xamarin.Forms (3.xx) listview with "RetainElement" caching Strategy With no problem , (also im using FastRenderer_Experimental attribute )
now, when I upgrade Xamarin Forms to version 4.0 the ListView is showing empty Cells when I scroll down !

my listview items are custom cells and Im also using FFImageLoading (@DanielL) Plugin as a part of my custom cell.

when I use RecycleElement caching Strategy the List view items are fine, but the FFImageLoading tries to load every images again and again as I scroll down. even with images cached it still tries loading images from the cache and shows its loading indicator so it has lots of performance issues and the perfect approach would be using the "RetainElement" caching Strategy in my case. which for some unknown reason behaves strangely after upgrading to XF 4.0.

does someone knows why ?
could anyone help about this issue ?


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