Print from Xamarin.forms Webview

Please help me.

I am creating a Xamarin.forms WebView app for Android and iOS, UWP. I need printing functionality in this app.

I can call C# functions from my webview. Basically i do this by redirecting to a new page in webview which has some text like "abc".
And onNavigated event will see if "abc" is there in the url.. If "abc" is there then it should call xyz() function..

But my problem is once the function is executed, how do i print the webview page? MY WEBVIEW CODE has a script which calls window.print() but running it on iOS does NOTHING. EDIT (10/6/19): UWP and android also nothing happen.

How can i make it work on iOS, uwp and android?

Just help me with the code which I can paste it in xyz() function or if i have to create new function.
VIVAAN mathur

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