May 3, Bologna, Italy - Intel Software MeetUp - The Xamarin Episode

DanArdeleanDanArdelean ITInsider, Beta, University ✭✭
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MeetUp sponsored by Intel, DotDotNet and DotNetLombardia dedicated to developing native mobile applications using Xamarin. Here is the agenda:

16:45 Introduzione all'evento (Francesco Baldassarri, Intel Corporation e Alessandro Scardova, DotDotNet)

17.00 Sviluppo di App Android su x86 (Francesco Baldassarri, Intel Corporation)

17:30 Introduzione allo sviluppo Android e iOS e Windows usando Xamarin (Dan Ardelean, DotNetLombardia)

18:30 Break

18.40 Sviluppo di App Cross Platform con MvvmCross‏ (Dan Ardelean, DotNetLombardia)

19.40 Q&A

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