Multi-part file upload with progress?

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I have to allow users to upload (via HTTP POST/PUT) short videos and large images from my app to a server.
A couple things I need to solve include allowing the file to be a multi-part upload for performance, and include a progress indicator since larger video files may take quite some time on a mobile connection.

Another thing I'd love is for them to be able to click the "upload" button and then navigate away from the page or the entire app if possible rather than forcing them to sit and watch the progress bar fill up slowly.

I have seen some uploading controls on Nuget, which I am all for using, but none of them do "all" of this. They do parts, but it almost seems like I'd have to hack together 3 different packages to accomplish what I want.

Has anyone accomplished this and/or is there any code snippets I could use?


  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    You can achieve it by your own .

    1. Click the upload button in Forms page.
    2. Use Messaging Center or Dependency Service to start backgrounding task on specific platform.
    3. Start upload large files.
    4. Pass data to Forms to update progress.

    Refer to

    Backgrounding with Xamarin.Forms
    Upload file

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