Gimbal SDK (BLE Beacons)


Does someone already work with Gimbal SDK with Xamarin?



  • PeterDavisPeterDavis USMember ✭✭✭

    Nope, but thanks for the link. Ordering the promo beacons!

  • VincentHVincentH USBeta ✭✭

    Yes, I do - in iBeacon mode for now.
    Here is a blog post about what I learned:

    Building Cross-Platform iBeacon Apps for iOS, Android and Windows with C# and Xamarin

  • Thank you for sharing your article.

    I have tried trilateration with 3 SensorTag from Texas Instrument, on Android. And the result is that I can't have an acceptable signal strength accuracy.

    It seems that you have the same problem of Rssi unconsistency with Galcomm + Android.

  • PeterDavisPeterDavis USMember ✭✭✭
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    I wrote a system a few years back that used RSSI from wifi routers and APs to determine location. Here's a rough idea of how it operates:

    1> Collect data. In my case I was trying to determine where in a building individuals were. I'd go to each room in the building, and collect RSSI from all viewable APs and wifi routers as I walked around the room. So each room in the building had a set of sample data. Needs to be done with doors open and closed.

    2> I created a simple feed forward back propagation neural network. The inputs are the scaled RSSI values with an input assigned to each AP/Router. There is an output for each room in the building. In training a 1 is used for the room whose data is being trained and all other rooms are set to 0.

    3> When actually using the network I would take 3 or 5 samples of RSSI values and then run each sample through the network. The room with the highest output value is picked as the location. You then do a "vote" between your samples. If 3 samples say you're in room A and 2 samples say room B, you're in room A.

    The system worked pretty well.

    There are a couple of weaknesses to this approach:

    1> If anything in the environment changes the RSSI (moving APs/routers, new walls put up or walls taken down), then you have to recollect all your data.

    2> If an AP or router goes down, you need to retrain the network without that AP/router.

    As always, training take some time, but actual execution was fast.

    Anyway, this is a possible approach.

  • SwannLeVigourouxSwannLeVigouroux CAMember

    Hi Peter. What was your best accuracy? Could you tell if someone was in a specific part of a room?

    Thank you.

  • PeterDavisPeterDavis USMember ✭✭✭

    I wasn't trying for that. That might be doable, but you'd have to partition the room into multiple locations and then each location becomes an output in your network. The more accuracy you want, the more samples and "votes' you'll need. For example, if you're breaking a 20x20 room into a 5' squares, then you'd probably want to take 10-15 samples and get a vote. But I honestly don't know. We were specifically avoiding using GPS with our system, but if you added in GPS you could probably achieve greater accuracy.

  • RudyScottRudyScott USMember ✭✭

    Check out this (particularly if you need to use the Gimbal in it's proprietary mode--not as an iBeacon):

  • Anyone had success in using the Gimbal SDK for Xamarin.Android ? I tried following but not much progress.. Thanks

  • It's fairly straightforward to convert the Gimbal Objective-C SDK into C#. I used this guide and was able to skip any of the preparation in xcode since Gimbal already provides a framework (.a file) for the SDK. Make sure to ignore any code error highlighting in the binding project, as of now it will give you erroneous error highlights once you've created the ApiDefinition.cs file.

  • @VincentH said:
    Yes, I do - in iBeacon mode for now.
    Here is a blog post about what I learned:

    Building Cross-Platform iBeacon Apps for iOS, Android and Windows with C# and Xamarin

    Hello Vincent
    Have you managed to make it work using Gimbal native mode? or Eddystone?
    Also, on the other hand, I tried your code, and compiles deploys but can't detect the beacon (gimbal series 10 set to iBeacon mode)

    Kind regards

  • codercamposcodercampos SVMember ✭✭

    Old post but this might help anyone looking for this SDK

    Gimbal SDK for Xamarin

  • codercamposcodercampos SVMember ✭✭

    Seems that Gimbal forked this very project to their home repository, so this will be (maybe) official repo

    Gimbal "official" SDK Repo

  • rbrady2019rbrady2019 Member

    Has anyone had success using Gimbal Xamarin SDK with newer Gimbal beacons? Gimbal site states must use newer SDK's but this repo appears to be based on older Gimbal SDK (v2). Looking to switch away from Estimote and wanted to get some feedback before I purchased some Gimbal hardware and tried to use in my Xamarin app.

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