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Obfuscate Android project in Xamarin Forms?

SteveRussellSteveRussell Member ✭✭✭

I'm new to this obfuscation process, and there is no real step by step tutorial for obfuscating your app (there's one but it's for Dotfuscator community and it doesn't include string encryption, and I'm not looking to pay $1500 for a small app for the full version)

It seems like most programs and tools are outdated judging by their documentation and their UI.

I'm using Skater and it does obfuscate my dll files but when I archive the app and create an .apk, it takes the old dlls and not the obfuscated ones. I haven't added anything to my Android.csproj file and it seems like I should but there's no documentation for Visual Studio so I don't know what to include.

Does anyone have a solution? I've tried Babel, Skater, ConfuserEx and I've had problems with all. Babel is best documented but I get an error when trying to obfuscate

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