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Xamarin.Auth Facebook Android Login with NativeUI and Deep Linking

BrianLKBrianLK Member ✭✭

I am trying to implement a Facebook Login in my Xamarin App with NativeUI and Deep Linking. For this, I used the Xamarin.Auth package for OAuth communications.

Until now, I have successfully achieved a login setting NativeUI to false.

When I set the NativeUI to true, after providing login credentials, the webview redirects to my RedirectUrl configuration, but the "Completed" event is never raised (so I can't move on with the navigation).

I tried to implement Deep Linking, so instead of an usual url, I have configured the RedirectUrl to point to my Xamarin App, with and Activity that intercepts the request, but it is not working. Instead, after providing the Facebook login credentials, it redirects to a facebook error saying that the redirected url (the deep linked one) is not registered in the Facebook App.

After making some research, I didn't come to any solution in order to register a deep link in Facebook Developer Account configuration. It only accepts HTTPS urls.

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