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Xamarin.Forms Android device's default Japanese Font produce weird dot symbol

LeLGLeLG Member ✭✭

Hi guys, im building my mobile application using Xamairn.Forms and i have a problem with displaying Japanese dot symbol.

More particularly, i have some japanese dot symbols in my labels and i am not applying any font to those label, that means the app will use the default supported font on each different devices.

Displaying Japanese dot symbol by the devices' default font seems to work fine on most of my test devices except for one, that is the HTC One A9s, Android version 6.0, which produce the weird font like in the image below

When search for solutions, people suggest that i should apply the font DroidSansJapanese.ttf to override devices' default font.

So my question is : Is there any built-in font in Android platform that could help me solve this problem? or some other ways.

as i do not want to add extra weight to my app's size by adding an external ttf font file. I appreciate all your help.

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