Embedded Resource HTML File - Image source to be from external storage

JacquesOkesJacquesOkes Member ✭✭

I have a html page as an embedded android resource as it is static. However, when a user logs in it fetches his user profile from the server and saves his image to his phone (for dynamic purposes). I would like to be able to set the image source within the embedded HTML file to be a specified location within the external storage where I store the dynamic images per user.

Or is it possible to overwrite an embedded asset?


  • JacquesOkesJacquesOkes Member ✭✭

    Thanks but I have already looked at that, I still then don't know how to set my image on the html page (static resource) to read the image from disk. Currently the images are as follows: image
    The images folder is also embedded and it reads fine with the image placed in there when I build the application.

    I want the image to be dynamic and load the driver's photo from the webrequest on login to the data folder, and the html page to reference this data folder when it loads.

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