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Do you need a separate app to download the data or collections and then use another app to access it

Joe2019Joe2019 Member

Do you think idea of making a separate application for data download the collection and store in sqlite .
There by use main Application to access that . So if user has to install these 2 apps to make it work.
Just because the data to be downloaded the app is huge taking this approach is good?
Can you please let me know the disadvantages of using the 2 app approach?

Technology: Xamarin Forms.
What I think would be do a pagination approach to download the data instead of going for this 2 apps.


  • The main reason to create separate apps is to provide a better user experience, like Facebook did with Messenger. The big disadvantage is that users no longer have everything in one place.

    I do not really understand why you would want to create a separate app just for downloading data. That doesn't seem to be a valid reason. What kind of data are we talking about? Why not create a single app and download the data in the background? Or like you said, use lazy loading (with pagination)?

  • Joe2019Joe2019 Member

    Thank you for the suggestion.
    The idea of separate APP was to download the data and use it across other applications...
    The same Data is being shared by other apps too.
    But I am not able to achieve this using xamarin forms- Cross platform.

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