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Continue tracking location of app when in background?

We are developing a cross-platform application in which we want to continue tracking the user even if the app is in the background. We require that the

We have run into situations in which the app stops tracking. When examining the logs we notice that there will be a long period of no logging. We are logging 50 things a minute and then there is a 14 minute gape.

I understand that the OS (especially iOS) can suspend or kill an app if the OS needs to do this.

My questions:

Can we log when an app is going to be killed, and when it is going to be suspended?
What can we do, if anything, to prevent the app from being suspended or killed?

I am fairly new to Xamarin. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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  • bryanschmiedelerbryanschmiedeler Member ✭✭

    I have a follow on question. We also face the problem of the OS killing our app if it is in the background. Ideally, we would want to never be killed. Does making a foreground service stop the OS from killing the app? If not, is there another way to stop this or at least make it much more unlikely?

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