In-App Update using Play Core Library

Hey you guys, need help!!

I have an app in Google Play that scan some QR Codes, and these Codes had a pattern, and we have to change it, because the read is very very slow. We will update the QRs and the App, but we have to force an update and keep the correct functionality. I was reading about an "in-app update" on and in there, they say that requires a library called Play Core. There is a Play Core Library for Xamarin? Considering that this site uses Android Studio (Java) for implementations references.


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    I'm also interested in any information about how to achieve in app update thanks this new Google Play capability.

    I do not found any information about how to use Play Core in Xamarin.

    Any ideas?

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    I guess this is unavailable for now, I am planning to make a Xamarin Binding for Play Core will get back to you guys as soon as it's done

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    I'll be anxiously waiting

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