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iOS version of the app causing two issues

You can find a recording of the bug in the UAT version of our app here:

https: -- //!Ah_cpvT2CiZkou5jNWKVlkwNLpOnRg

Some background information:
The app is a wrapper app, using Xamarin for both iOS and Android, but this issue is only seen on iOS. The app is wrapped around the current member portal, known as Member Centre. Tags are managed by Adobe Tag manager named DTM, the container for which sits inside Member Centre so tagging is consistent across Member Centre desktop, mobile and the app.

You can spot two issues here-

  1. Slowness in content loading
  2. Aopp opening in the URL which is not an expected behaviour. is the Adobe Audience manager iframe which loads for collecting and sending the data but the app shouldn't be opening the URL. Secondly, it is not happening in Android so there is something wrong with iOS.

Please guide how to fix this.

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